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Frequently Asked Questions


Real Time Traffic Information (BMW RTTI) or in some areas Advanced Time Traffic Information (BMW ARTTI)- available for all BMW models MY2011 or newer - keeps you updated on the traffic situation as it develops and to the nearest 100m. The system also calculates what delays are to be expected and recommends detours. This keeps you precisely informed of the traffic situation on the planned route and potential alternative routes at all times. As a result you can react to tailbacks and road closures in good time and avoid them.

In which countries is RTTI available?

BMW RTTI (ARTTI in US and Canada) is available in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria*, Croatia*, Czech Republic, Danmark, Estonia*, Finland, France, Germany, UK, Greece*, Hungary*, Ireland, Italy, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland*, Portugal, Romania*, Slovakia*, Slovenia*, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey*, United States*, Canada*, Australia*. Life time activation of RTTI in these countries only as long as RTTI is available for the country and navigation system with road maps 2019-2 or newer.

For which BMW modells is the update available?

1 Series E8x from 09/2009 and F2x from MY2011, 2 Series F22/F45/F46, 3 Series E9x LCI from 09/2008 and F30/F31/F80/F81 from MY2011, 4 Series F32/F33/F34/F82 from MY2013, 5 Series E6x LCI from 11/2008 and F10/F11 from MY2011 until MY2016, 6 Series E6x from 11/2008 and F12/F13 from MY2011 until MY2016, 7 Series F01/F02 from MY2011 until MY2015, X1 E84 MY2011 until MY2015, X3 F25 from MY2011 until MY2016, X5 E70 LCI from 10-2009 and F15 from MY2014, X6 E71 from 10/2009 and F12 from MY2014, Z4 E89 from MY2011 until EOP, I3 Series I01 from 2013 until 2017, Rolls-Royce Phantom II Rolls-Royce Ghost II Rolls-Royce Wraith, Alpina, Mini*.

Which navigation systems are supported?

Life time RTTI activation in supported countries is available today for Navigation system professional (S609):
Navigation system (Premium road maps) and
Navigation system (NEXT road maps).
A road map update (2019-2) may be required depending on the introduction date of RTTI in the country.
and other navigation systems aren't supported currently but could change in the future.

How to check installed road maps?

To check the version of installed road maps, press the "NAV" button on the idrive controller. Then press the "Options" button and scroll down. Select "Navigation system version".

Will RTTI stay active after updating road maps?

RTTI will stay active when road maps are updated.

When is a software update of the car required?

A software update may be required (not included) when your BMW older is than MY2011 and never has been updated by BMW service. The required software update is not related to the media and telephone update.

Which options must my BMW have to be able to enable RTTI?

To be able to enable BMW RTTI a wide screen navigation system (CIC or NBT, option 609), a telematics module and a one time activation of BMW ConnectedDrive and active data connection are required. It's very important that your BMW is in original factory condition and to check all prerequisites to prevent disappointments. The VIN checker will check if you have required options in the option list. Please read the whole FAQ and contact us when you have questions which are not answered. Check RTTI compatibility of your BMW here now.
Wide screen Navigation System pro** ( 609 )
Telematics unit(Combox  6VC , TCB  6AE )
1 active ConnectedDrive service ( 612 , 6AA , 6AP* )
Active CarSIM( 6AC* , 6AK* ,Reg. in CD portal)
*Services also available in CD portal.

How can I check data connection of my BMW is compatible?

Disable Bluetooth and start via iDrive BMW ConnectedDrive. When BMW Online or the the BMW ConnectedDrive Store is shown, your BMW is compatible with this update. In case BMW Online or the the BMW ConnectedDrive Store is not shown, try to update the ConnectedDrive services via iDrive - ConnectedDrive - option - Update services (or Update BMW Assist). When Update services is greyed out, the data connection via CarSIM isn't active. If you haven't registered your BMW in the ConnectedDrive portal yet, try register your BMW on the BMW ConnectedDrive portal and follow the steps provided by the BMW ConnectedDrive Portal.
When you don't have any life time ConnectedDrive services besides Teleservices, data connection via CarSIM can be switched back to
data transfer via Bluetooth after the ConnectedDrive Assist subscription (S612) has ended.

How can I enable the Car SIM (again)?

When the data connection (car SIM) of your BMW isn't active (anymore) it's not possible to enable RTTI. If you haven't registered your BMW in the ConnectedDrive portal yet, register your BMW in the BMW ConnectedDrive portal first. If the data connection of your BMW is not active while your BMW is registered in the BMW ConnectedDrive portal, you need to book basic ConnectedDrive services in the BMW ConnectedDrive Portal to enable de Car SIM (again).

Is it possible to use a bluetooth connection?

When you use Tethering (data connection via Bluetooth of a mobile phone) for ConnectedDrive services it's not possible to enable RTTI. Only BMWs with active data connection via the CarSIM (requires a telematics unit and an active ConnectedDrive service) can enable and use RTTI.

When the option Data transfer via Bluetooth device is visible (iDrive - Options), the data connection of the CarSIM isn't active (anymore).

No data connection possible.

The message "No data connection possible via the mobile network. Try later or on another location." is a problem with the coverage of the mobile network. Possibly a failure of the mobile network. Your BMW can't connect with the mobile network. RTTI is not available in this situation and your BMW will try to use other traffic information resources like TMC when available in your area. Possibly an issue with BMW ConnectedDrive exists.

Why do I need to Register my BMW in ConnectedDrive Portal?

If you don't have options like Intelligent Emergency Call (S6AC) or Remote Services (S6AP) in your option list it's not possible to validate whether the CarSIM of your car is active. In order to validate the CarSIM of your BMW is active the easiest way to check this requirement is to register your BMW in the BMW ConnectedDrive portal. In case the registration should fail, the BMW ConnectedDrive portal will guide you further. Or contact the BMW ConnectedDrive customer services of your country.
When Teleservices is shown as only active service in the BMW ConnectedDrive portal we strongly recommend to validate the
data connection with iDrive in your BMW.

Which items will be shown as booked?

Only items purchased directly from the ConnectedDrive store will shown as booked in the ConnectedDrive portal and ConnectedDrive store in iDrive.

Can you 100% guarantee the update will work on my BMW?

100% guarantee doesn't exist anywhere when techology is involved. We have a 100% ratio of enabling RTTI on compatible BMWs with required options regarding finished updates in supported countries. The life time activation will be functional forever as long as prerequisites are met and RTTI is available in the country and for the navigation system. The update will work when your BMW is original, free of defects and you follow the instructions precisely. In case it doesn't work immediately we will do our ultimate best to make it work with our life time support. If your BMW is original, free of defects and does meet all prerequisites and has mobile network coverage with an active data connection via the telematics unit, don't worry we don't stop until you are happy.

100% satisfaction

My car is incompatible. What are my options?

Our VIN checker provides detailed information regarding the area of incompatiblity (your car doesn't meet minimum requirements). Most of the time incompatibility is related to an incompatible navigation system and/or missing modules (e.g. Telematics unit). The only way to solve this issue is to retrofit required modules which means replace incompatible modules and/or add missing modules. Contact your BMW dealer for details.

Does the update work with a retrofitted navigation system?

In case of a retrofit - the navigation system and/or other components of your BMW were installed or replaced with another model after delivery of the car - activation of RTTI is still possible when the retrofit of the navigation system and telematics unit is 100% compatible to original. This means that all required components must be present and configured to use the original VIN of the car and 100% equally configured with the factory defaults and have an active data connection via the Car SIM.

When do I receive my order?

Your order will be processed within 3-5 business days after we have received the payment. Most of the time we deliver faster, but to avoid any disappointments we use this number of days. Don't forget to check your SPAM folder if you don't find the activation in your inbox.

What exactly will be delivered?

The update will be delivered electronically as software package. You have to copy the update to an USB thumbdrive (not included). In the occasion addtional items have to be delivered, you'll find the details in the shipment notification.

Is my purchase protected?

Your payment is processed via PayPal and your purchase is protected with the PayPal Purchase Protection. With PayPal you can pay also with Bank transfer or Credit card without the need of a PayPal account. Be sure you really want to purchase the item(s) in the shopping cart before completing the payment transaction. EU law applies for purchases.

I have questions regarding BMW ConnectedDrive?

When you have more questions, please use the contact form. Please include last 7 charachter of chassis number (VIN).
For other questions please contact the BMW ConnectedDrive portal of your country.

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