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Frequently Asked Questions


Live Traffic keeps you updated on the traffic situation as it develops and to the nearest 100m. The system also calculates what delays are to be expected and recommends detours and, when dynamic guidance is enabled, recalculates a better route to the destination automatically. This keeps you precisely informed of the traffic situation on the planned route and potential alternative routes at all times. As a result you can react to tailbacks and road closures in good time and avoid them. Only with Live Traffic most actual information is provided with the following color scheme on the road map:
Free flowSlowQueuingStationaryBlockedFree flow

What is the difference between Live Traffic and TMC?

With Live Traffic you will get actual traffic conditions with updates every 3 minutes with road signs and a color scheme on the roadmap which provides actual road conditions regarding traffic. Green color is free flow, yellow is slow (dense) traffic, orange is queuing (very slow) traffic, red is stationary traffic and black is a blocked road condition. In comparison with TMC, Live Traffic is much more accurate because TMC (in US called RTTI) is a legacy traffic information service, provides traffic incidents and road works only with an update frequency of 15 minutes and is delivered via FM-RDS radio networks.

When is a software update of a ConnectedCar required?

Software updates are in general part of regular maintenance of connected cars. To be able to make use of available features most recent software version (I-Level) is strongly advised. A software update may be required (not included) when your ConnectedCar has not been updated to the most current version by the service department of the car manufacturer. A possible required software update (I-Level) has to be installed by the service department and is not related to available media and telephone updates.

How to enable Bluetooth data tethering on my mobile phone?

On Android enable Bluetooth tethering or on Apple iPhone enable Personal Hotspot.

Data connection via Bluetooth tethering during phone calls.

Whether a data connection via tethering during a phone call is possible depends on used mobile phone and mobile subscription.

Data connection via Bluetooth tethering during Music streaming via Bluetooth.

Whether a data connection via Bluetooth tethering is possible while streaming music via Bluetooth depends on Bluetooth compatibility between the mobile phone used and Bluetooth version of the navigation system of your ConnectedCar.

No data connection possible.

The message "No data connection possible via the mobile network. Try later or on another location." is a problem with the coverage of the mobile network. Possibly a failure of the mobile network. Your Connected Car can't connect with the mobile network. Live Traffic is not available in this situation and your Connected Car will try to use other traffic information resources like TMC when available in your area.

Can you 100% guarantee Live Traffic will work on my ConnectedCar?

100% guarantee doesn't exist anywhere when techology is involved. We have a 100% ratio of enabling Live Traffic on compatible ConnectedCars with required options regarding finished updates in supported countries. The activation will be functional forever as long as prerequisites are met and Live Traffic is available in the country and for the navigation system. The update will work when your ConnectedCar is factory original, software version (iLevel) is most current, free of defects and you follow the instructions precisely. In case it doesn't work immediately we will do our ultimate best to make it work with our life time stay connected support. If your ConnectedCar is factory original, software version is most current, free of defects and does meet all prerequisites and has mobile network coverage, don't worry we don't stop until you are fully satisfied.

100% satisfaction

My car is incompatible. What are my options?

Most of the time incompatibility is related to an incompatible navigation system and/or missing modules (e.g. Telematics unit). The only way to solve this issue is to retrofit required modules which means replace incompatible modules and/or add missing modules. Contact your ConnectedCar dealer for details.

Does the update work with a retrofitted navigation system?

In case of a retrofit - the navigation system and/or other components of your ConnectedCar were installed or replaced with another model after delivery of the car - activation of Live Traffic is still possible when the retrofit of the navigation system and telematics unit is 100% compatible to original. This means that all required components must be present and configured to use the original VIN of the car and 100% equally configured with the factory defaults. The USB port used to update maps is working correctly.

Questions not answered or any unclarity?

If your questions aren't answered with the FAQ or in case any unclarity exists, please contact us and include the chassis number (VIN) so we can handle your request better. We are available to support you. We provide support during business days only and we aim to respond to your questions next business day at the latest.

Who we are

We are not affiliated with any car company in any form, but Connected Car enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their connected car and would like to share this with other Connected Car enthusiasts. We offer solutions exclusively to owners of Connected Cars who can't obtain desired connected services otherwise. This way we don't compete with available connected services of car manufactures. We don't deliver to resellers and it's not allowed to resell our products.
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