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Navigation System business/pro** ( 606   609 )
Telematics unit(Combox  6VC , TCB  6AE )
1 active ConnectedDrive service ( 612 , 6AC* , 6AP* )
Active CarSIM ( 6AC* , 6AK* ,Reg. in CD portal)
*Services also available in CD portal.

We receive many questions and have created a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. On this page you'll find most answers. In case you have questions, please read FAQ before you contact us. In case your question isn't answered by visiting the FAQ page or the current answer is an incomplete answer, you can use this contact page.
This contact page is guiding you to possible answers. In case you need to contact us, please fill out all fields. Make sure that you choose the right subject, so we can support you the best way. We are highly motivated to answer all questions. As soon as all required fields are filled out the send button will turn green and your question is validated after you have clicked on the send button. In case there are issues with provided information you will be pointed to the fields which need to be corrected.
Below you find links to the FAQ topics with the most questions. You can click on the links to go directly to the topic on the FAQ page.

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