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 BMW ConnectedDrive RTTI by navituning
BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW ConnnectedDrive improved by Navituning

Your connected BMW is capable of supporting the driver for safer and more convenient journey’s by providing actual information. Especially information about traffic jams that can surprise or take valuable time is available for every compatible connected BMW. Navituning provides updates and support which expand value beyond the connected services of BMW AG.
RTTI on the navigation system


Wide screen Navigation System** (option  609 )
Telematics unit(Combox  6VC , TCB  6AE )
1 active ConnectedDrive service ( 612 , 6AA , 6AP* )
Active CarSIM( 6AC* , 6AK* ,Reg. in CD portal)
*Services also available in CD portal.


Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

Real Time Traffic Information (BMW RTTI) - available for all compatible BMW models MY2011 or newer - Precise information on the current traffic situation: with Real Time Traffic Information you have the live traffic in view. Rush hour, accidents, roadworks or holiday tailbacks you are always informed regarding the fastest route and makes sure you arrive safe and relaxed. Navituning offers exclusive RTTI activations to BMW owners of compatible cars who can't enable RTTI otherwise.

RTTI is a safety feature

With RTTI you are better informed about upcoming traffic and with this information your journeys are safer and more relaxed.

Easy one time activation!

The one time unlimited exclusive life time activation will be delivered by email as a update package. The life time*** activation of RTTI is as easy as installation of new maps and has the same procedure. The update is copied (Unzip) to a USB stick (not included) and the USB stick is placed into the USB port of the car. Activation of RTTI will be done automatically within a few minutes!

100% satisfaction

We offer RTTI for every compatible BMW and strive for a 100% satisfaction for the solutions we offer. We are committed to get the most out of every BMW.

BMW ConnectedDrive


Germany, UK, Italy, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Poland NBT,Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey NBT, United States NBT.

1 Series F2x - from MY2011, 3 Series F3x - from MY2011, 4 Series F32/F33/F34 - from MY2013, 5 Series F10/F11 - from MY2011 until MY2016, 6 Series F12/F13- from MY2011 until MY2016, 7 Series F01/F02 - from MY2011 until MY2015, X1 E84 - MY2011 until MY2015, X3 F25 - MY2011 until MY2016, X5 F15 - MY2014, X6 F12 - MY2014, Z4 E89 - MY2011 until EOP, I3 series I01 - from 2013 until 2017 , Rolls-Royce Phantom II Rolls-Royce Ghost II Rolls-Royce Wraith

Available for connected car with  CIC  and  NBT  (Bluetooth tethering not supported)
**A software update may be required (not included) when your BMW is older than MY2011 and never has been updated by BMW service. A road map update may be required depending on the introduction date of RTTI in the country.
***Life time activation will be functional forever as long as prerequisites are met and RTTI is availble in the country and for navigation system.
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