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Precise information on the current traffic situation: with Live Traffic you have the traffic in view. Rush hour, roadworks or holiday tailback – no matter how busy things are – your Connected Car knows the fastest route and makes sure you arrive relaxed. Spend your valuable time where your heart takes you, travel safe and be with your family, friends or simply at a favourite spot.


From 2010 car manufacturers announced a further expansion of Connected services through press releases. In general press releases of car manufactures give an optimistic view regarding the benefits of Connected Cars in case you buy a new car. Cars that had already left the showroom with equal options are generally left behind in case the production date of the car is before introduction date of connected services. Car manufacturers are acting very limited regarding Connected Cars despite of their commitments like road safety is an important aspect of social responsibility where only the very best is good enough.

Car manufacturers aren't handling developments very well

Car manufacturers don't show any commitment regarding connected capable cars which have been delivered to customers regarding new developments of connected services and connected technologies. However older Connected Cars can use some of newer connected services, the manufactoring date of the car is a rigid date for car manufacturers regarding offering connected services. Car manufacturers are very passive regarding the cellular network transition. Upgrading telematics modules, so new cellular network technologies are supported, is very simple. But, in general, car manufacturers actively choose to dissapoint owners of Connected Cars by blocking technology upgrades.

Huge research effort

Because no information is available about the activation of connected services for Connected Cars, a great deal of research was needed. But now that we have succeeded in releasing connected services for Connected Cars which have no interest of the car manufacturer, we have decided to share this with other interested parties to increase road safety.


The solutions that are offered simply enables connected services as designed and available for activation. The Connected Car stays in all aspects 100% original after available connected services have been enabled with our solution.

For every Connected Car owner who can't obtain connected services otherwise

After developing the solution to enable connected services on Connected Cars with required options, we have come up with a solution so that the activation can be done by every owner of Connected Cars who can't obtain connected services otherwise. This way we don't compete with available connected services of car manufactures. Free of any risk.

Last but not least

We are not affiliated with any car manufacturer in any form, but Connected Car enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their Connected Car and would like to share this with other Connected Car enthusiasts to make more journeys as safe as possible. #bornconnected #stayconnected
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